It’s about you of course. About your talent, your dreams, your mission. I believe that anyone is able to develop their talent by understanding themselves and feeling strong and confident about their purpose. I am sure that inner strength has a lot to do with how a person is feeling in their body. Clothes are here only to support that.



I’m inspired by women’s movement. I analyse the way a woman looks at the mirror, how she moves, where she look for pockets, how she turns around. All this tells what’s important to her and how I can help her feel more comfortable in our clothes.

The construction part is where I do most of my creative work. It’s like a backbone for the dress- it’s the most important part for a well-fitted garment.

I’m a seam nerd. This is the field where I put all my perfectionism in. We don’t use an overlock in our studio - all the seams are treated with ribbon, are flat-lock seams or French seams, and are finished so cleanly that you can even wear the dress inside out.

All our garments are made with care in our studio right after we receive an order. This allows us to work without waste and avoid overproducing.



I love cotton. In fact before TALENTED I worked with shirting, and I use a lot of shirting details in my designs. And cotton. There can be different types of it- batista, denim, poplin, gabardine. Sometimes it can be a cotton blend or linen or other fibres, but it always has to have that pleasant feeling on your skin.



Women should feel comfortable in their clothes. Physically and emotionally. The construction is a big part of that, but it’s the small additional features that make the difference.

I often use a button-down shirt as inspiration, which can cause a boob gap problem. That’s why we have 2 buttons closer together in the chest area to avoid that issue. And as a TALENTED signature, the upper of these two is in a contrasting colour.

We don’t use glued linings in cuffs, collars or belts. We do it old-school, without the glue layer- the firm cotton lining parts are sewn in. This means that the glue never comes off after cleaning, because it was never there in the first place.

Pockets. I believe that a woman has to be able to actually use her pockets for their intended purpose. We have spacious pockets in all our dresses, blazers, jackets, coats, skirts and pants. That’s a rule.



Shirts are the core of the TALENTED style. Our team started working together as a shirting brand first, and I still love to return in my design process to classic shirting structure and details, always finding a different approach to it. Our bestsellers are shirt dresses, but we make shirt blouses, shirt blazers and even shirt coats as well.

Military style is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. I love the functionality and feeling of discipline in it.

Every collection has its own theme, and often this is a very special woman, a muse: talented, strong and independent women who inspire me, often related with historically male professions. Now is the best time to be a woman in relation to our history, but these muses have been brave enough to break the rules since well before our time.